C3RT - Bangor, ME

C3RT - Bangor, ME

Ruck with Service Project


City Capital Country Ruck Tour


Ruck with Service Project


Wed, September 14, 2022 @ 6:00pm


Riverside Waterfront


The City Capital Country Ruck Tour  (C3RT) 2022 is a series of friendly Ruckmarches (the “Army” word for walking while wearing a backpack) organized in various communities throughout the US, hosted by Travail Adventures and benefitting Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and Military Veterans. The purpose is to conduct outdoor fitness in a group setting, while Honoring our nation’s injured LEOs and Veterans, the Honorees of the C3RT.


Each C3RT stop will focus on at least one Honoree in the designated city, performing Outreach efforts which may include presentation of a “Blue Line” Flag, presentation of C3RT swag (T-shirts, hats, coins, patches, etc), delivery of a meal (ex: Mission BBQ, or Little Caesars Pizza), and a personal visit from the C3RT Ruckmarch participants. In some instances, the Outreach may be extended to a surviving family member(s) of a deceased LEO, or to a Law Enforcement Agency that may have experienced a recent tragedy.  


On average the Ruckmarch distance will be about 8 miles, with a moderate pace of approximately 18-20 minutes per mile. The group will move together as one team. Short breaks will occur as needed. The amount of weight you carry in your rucksack is up to you, however you are required to have two (2) quarts of water, a reflective band or belt on the outside of your ruck, and a headlamp (or flashlight). The events are Kid-friendly and Dog-friendly. Participant safety is of utmost importance. C3RT founder and leader CPT (ret) Danny Stokes, US Army, conducts detailed mission analysis on each location to implement risk mitigation, primarily focusing on the hazards of traffic and weather (among other factors). 


There will be a Rally Point (RP) 1-2 miles from the End-Point, for any late comers to join in for the final miles. Upon conclusion of the Ruckmarch, there will be a “Circle of Trust” closing ceremony where you may hear stories of overcoming adversity. Prepare to be inspired!. Everyone in the Circle of Trust will receive a C3RT finisher’s patch.


All C3RT tour stops are FREE to cops (active and retired), veterans, and the volunteers who help plan the stop. The ticket price is $30. 


If you know of a Police Officer or Military veteran who is struggling, let us know (contact info below).


As we move through the planning phase of the C3RT, we are seeking the names and locations of the potential Honorees who we will serve through this Outreach. If you know of someone, please let us know.

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