Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Max. Records 
Last Name   First Name   Gender   City   State  
A. Megan female Clayton NC
A. Katie female Wilson NC
A. Cullen male Apex NC
A. Rory female Apex NC
A. Micah male Wilson NC
Abraham Kyle male Goldsboro NC
Adams Amy female Angier NC
Adams Beverly female Garner NC
Adams Roddy male Angier NC
Adams Jordan nonbinary Cary NC
Aguilar Norma female Cary NC
Aimone Jen female Raleigh NC
Aimone Cole male Raleigh NC
Al-Juraid Reem female Raleigh NC
Albertson Nicole female Morrisville NC
Alderman Donna female Raleigh NC
Alexander Erica female Raleigh NC
Alexander Christine female Durham NC
Alexander Scott male Raleigh NC
Allen Jennifer female Chapel Hill NC
Allen Jane female Smithfield NC
Allison Brad male Atlanta GA
Alonso Nicholas male Cameron NC
Alston Kwame male Carrboro NC
Alvarez Arianna male Raleigh NC
Alvarez Arianna female Raleigh NC
Anderson Autumn female Bunn NC
Anderson Lisa female Clayton NC
Andrew Tricity female Cary NC
Andrews Riley female Willow Spring NC
Aoi Mana female Cary NC
Archer Elizabeth female Goldsboro NC
Arens Joe male Apex NC
Arens Kim female Apex NC
Armentrout Gerald male Raleigh NC
Arnold Megan female Apex NC
Arrington Jessica female Youngsville NC
Arruden Diana female Raleigh NC
Ash William male Wilson NC
Ash Dana female Wilson NC
Aslam Jai male Raleigh NC
Atkinson Sam female Durham NC
Augustine Alex female Raleigh NC
Austin Nate male Apex NC
Austin Amanda female Apex NC
Austin Wes male Apex NC
Autukuri Sai male Durham NC
Avalos Gloria female Apex NC
Ayers Patrick male Raleigh NC
Azor Terasina female Garner NC
B. Riya female Cary NC
B. Morgan female Garner NC
B. Kenley female Raleigh NC
B. Karston male Fuquay Varina NC
B. Sadie female Raleigh NC
B. Alistair male Raleigh NC
B. Kate female Raleigh NC
B. Findley male Raleigh NC
B. Grace female Clayton NC
B. Maddie female Raleigh NC
B. Trevor male Cary NC
B. Stella female Raleigh NC
B. Allen male Rocky Mount NC
B. Henry male Apex NC
B. Alan male Apex NC
B. Jaicen male Timberkake NC
B. Maxton male Apex NY
B. Molly female Raleigh NC
B. Willem male Raleigh NC
B. Stella female Raleigh NC
B. Ryder male Raleigh NC
B. Allen male Cary NC
B. Matalie female Apex NC
B. Jack male Raleigh NC
B. Cate female Raleigh NC
B. Trisha female Cary NC
B. Rayna female Cary NC
B. Ian male Apex NC
B. Jillian female Fuquay Varina NC
Babinec Michael male Durham NC
Badalamenti Anne female Apex NC
Badalamenti Lisa female Apex NC
Bailey Curtis male Raeford NC
Bailey McKayla female Raeford NC
Baker Megan female Holly Springs NC
Baker Samantha female Raleigh NC
Ball Robin female Wake Forest NC
Balsamo Amanda female Raleigh NC
Bankowski Amanda female Clayton NC
Barahona Maria female Durham NC
Barber Landis male Raleigh NC
Barefoot Meredith female Zebulon NC
Barefoot Billie female Raleigh NC
Barnes Connie female Morrisville NC
Barnes April female Durham NC
Basaran Aysu female Cary NC
Bass Stephanie female Timberlake NC
Batchelor Shana female Sims NC
Bates Steve male Cary NC
Batten Natalie female Raleigh NC
Battle Katherine nonbinary Raleigh NC
Bauman Jan female Raleigh NC
Beard Jennifer female Sanford NC
Beauchamp Christina female Raleigh NC
Beaumont Suzanne female Wake Forest NC
Bednar Amanda female Clayton NC
Bedore Sarah female Garner NC
Behr Brian male Raleigh NC
Behr Katie female Raleigh NC
Bell Earl male Apex NC
Bell Barbara female Apex NC
Benson Ken male Raleigh NC
Benton Ashley female Knightdale NC
Berg Vilma female Cary NC
Berg Sophia female Cary NC
Bergmark Hillary female Apex NC
Bergmark Joe male Apex NC
Bethancourt Melissa female Stafford VA
Bethancourt Kasey female Durham NC
Bevan Stephanie female Wake Forest NC
Bevan Mike male Wake Forest NC
Bienlien Steven male Goldsboro NC
Bigelow Christy female Raleigh NC
Birch Courtney female Raleigh NC
Bisenius Juli female Cary NC
Bitzenhofer Jim male Raleigh NC
Bizova Serpil female Raleigh NC
Black Jeremy male Garner NC
Black Charlotte female Garner NC
Black-Mazumdar Krysta female Raleigh NC
Blackmon Amanda female Washington NC
Blaser Sarah female Cary NC
Blaser Troy male Cary NC
Blennau Diana female Clayton NC
Blum Jennifer female Raleigh NC
Blumenfeld Noah male Raleigh NC
Boain James male Raleigh NC
Bohm Summer male Apex NC
Bohm David male Apex NC
Boing Conor male Raleigh NC
Bojara Michael male Raleigh NC
Bolchalk Ana female Fuquay Varina NC
Bolchalk Jason male Fuquay Varina NC
Boles Erica female Raleigh NC
Boling Amanda female Raleigh NC
Bonagiri Mahesh male Raleigh NC
Bonneau Kara female Cary NC
Bordeaux Jennifer female Raleigh NC
Borjes Robert male Raleigh NC
Boshoff Alton male Raleigh NC
Boshoff Amanda female Raleigh NC
Bostrom Lars male Raleigh NC
Bostrom Kathy female Raleigh NC
Bostrom Kathy female Raleigh NC
Bostrom Lars male Raleigh NC
Bottomley Rachel female Greensboro NC
Botts LeAnn female Apex NC
Bowden George male Cary NC
Bowden Joanne female Cary NC
Bowers Sean male Spring Lake NC
Bowers Sydney female Cary NC
Bowman Marla female Durham NC
Bowman Kyle male Durham NC
Bowman Kathie female Raleigh NC
Bradshaw Anna female Durham NC
Brecher Erica female Durham NC
Breen Samantha female Raleigh IL
Breito Nathan male Durham NC
Briceno Koehler female Raleigh NC
Brickell Natalie female Cary NC
Broadwell Nancy female Fuquay-Varina NC
Broniszewski Jeanne female Raleigh NC
Brooks Alex male Raleigh NC
Brown Michael male Raleigh NC
Brown Zach male Cary NC
Brown Rhonda female Raleigh NC
Brown Roy male Clayton NC
Brown Scott female Clayton NC
Brown Tamiko female Wake Forest NC
Brown Sarah female Wake Forest NC
Brown Casey male Raleigh NC
Brown Dave male Raleigh NC
Brown Elizabeth female Raleigh NC
Brown Tim male Raleigh NC
Brown Lem male Raleigh NC
Brumfield Katie female Cary NC
Brumfield Darrell male Cary NC
Bryant Nathan male Raleigh NC
Bryant Shannon female Cary NC
Bryant Thomas male Cary NC
Budnick Chris male Raleigh NC
Buff Neily female Raleigh NC
Bullard David male Morrisville NC
Bullock Kelly female Cary NC
Bumgarner Jennifer female Raleigh NC
Buning Steven male Cary NC
Burch Amber female Durham NC
Burdette Gloria female Holly Springs NC
Burkhardt Britta female Wilmington NC
Burton Crystal female Durham NC
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