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Name Category Age Gender Which distance do you plan to ride? (Note, you can change your selection on ride day!)
Barker, Jennifer 42 female 85-miles
beckstead, bob 52 male 55-miles
Bergdolt, Marian 57 female 55-miles
Blum, Brian 54 male 85-miles
Bomberger, Sarah 42 female Not sure yet
Butler, Cristina 46 female Not sure yet
Cardoso, Cid 50 male 55-miles
casanova, alex 38 male 85-miles
Cole, David 63 male 55-miles
diaz, daniel 38 male 55-miles
Fantasia, Pete 51 male 55-miles
Gaal, Martin 47 male 55-miles
Goodwin, Laura 41 female 55-miles
hall, corbett 25 male 85-miles
Hall, Corbett 25 male 85-miles
Harland, Connie 44 female 85-miles
Jarvis, andrew 32 male 55-miles
Jarvis, Devon 32 female 55-miles
Jin, Jerry 47 male 85-miles
Lovelace, Tanner 49 male 55-miles
Lulich, Elizabeth 48 female 55-miles
McIver, Lindsey 37 female 85-miles
Pastva, Michael 46 male 55-miles
Patterson, Scott 34 male 55-miles
Roman, Ernesto 49 male 85-miles
Weaver, Stacy 62 male
yu, ellen 48 female 55-miles
Zumbrum, Sarah 37 female 55-miles
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