Pace Teams
The Tobacco Road Pace Team provides pacers for the full and half marathon runners looking to qualify for the Boston marathon or a personal best.  (If you want to be a pace leader, see "Leading a Pace Group" at the bottom of this page.)

Pace Teams
Pace groups or pace teams are groups of runners that all hope to cross the finish line at a particular time. The group runs together with an experienced leader who will keep track of the pace throughlut the entire race.

One of the greatest benefits is the consistent pacing of a team to make sure you don't start too fast and then hit 'the wall'. Your pace group leader will be be running a consistent pace throughout the race, adjusting for the increased congestion off the start line and during the first mile of the race.

Every pace leader will be holding a steady pace throughout the marathon. These "even splits” are the best way to achieve your peak performance in the race. They will make appropriate adjustments for elevation changes and to deal with course crowding issues.  

Pace Group Times
Whether you are trying for a Boston Qualifying time, achieving a personal best, or just like running with a group, we've got you covered.

Full Marathon
Half Marathon

Joining a Pace Group
It's free to join one of our pre-registration required.  Just look for our pacers on race morning!  Around 6:30am on race morning, the pace group leaders will be assembling in the starting line corral with their pace sign in a brightly colored pace team t-shirt.  Join them in your pursuit of your time goal!

Leading a Pace Group
Are you an experienced full or half marathoner and want to help others achieve their goals?  We typically invite pace leaders from prior years to pace again, but there are usually a few openings.  Applications are due by January 15 of the race year.  Send an email to with your qualifications/experience and durations you would be interested in pacing.  If you apply after January 15, we will keep your name on file and will contact you only if there is a need--for instance, if a selected pacer is unable to run.
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