Pre-Ride Information

Schedule and Route
  • The ride will depart Inside-Out Sports at 7am and complete a 60-mile route.   
  • The route and  turn by turn instructions can be downloaded from the Training Ride 1 web site . 
  • 1/2 page turn-by-turn instructions along with a list of the convenience stores available along the route will be distributed at the ride start. 
  • The course IS NOT MARKED so it is each rider's responsibility to know the course and/or have a routing device/cue sheet available.
  • All participants must check in with me at Inside-Out Sports after completing the ride so I can confirm all participants made it back safely.
Ride Groups
  • Although all cyclists will start together, it is not expected that the group will stay together.  The group will break into natural pace groups as individuals line up with compatible riders. 
  • The ride will have a course lead and a course sweep.  The course sweep will follow the last person to make sure no riders are left behind. 
  • If you want a guaranteed training ride companion, we encourage you to bring a riding partner with you!  However, we also encourage training ride participants to get to know each other and find new riding partners to enjoy the Reach the Beach event with.
Ride Support
  • The training rides are NOT SUPPORTED and there are no aid stations along the route.  Every cyclist is responsible for carrying their own hydration and nutrition items as well as any gear that may be required for minor mechanical repairs. 
  • I will be avaliable by phone to retrieve riders from the course who are unable to finish and drive them back to the start at Inside-Out Sports.  My phone number is available on the website, is listed here, and will be provided on the handout at the ride start.
Required and Recommended Gear
  • Helmets are required. 
  • Red taillights are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. 
  • Headlights are encouraged.
Free Items and Giveaways
  • We will have small goodies and some minor swag items available for all training ride participants who registered in advance.  Those items can be picked up when cyclists check in with me at the ride start.
  •  There will be snacks and drinks available at Inside-Out Sports at no charge for training ride participants.  We encourage you to hang out and socialize after the ride!
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