Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
Last Name 
First Name 
Max. Records 
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
A. Cailin 16 female Raleigh NC
A. Lucas 15 male Holly Springs NC
Adams Vivian 43 female Raleigh NC
Alvarez Joela 53 female Wake Forest NC
Atchison Gregory 65 male Chapel Hill NC
Atkinson David 63 male Raleigh NC
B. Ryan 14 male Cary NC
Babson David 56 male Raleigh NC
Baranpuria Alex 37 male Cary NC
Bentley Zachary 23 male Bridgewater MA
Black Dave 69 male Nelson VA
Boduch Jodie 44 female Raleigh NC
Boettler Aaron 21 male Raleigh NC
Brandon Julia 49 female Cary NC
Brandon Russ 59 male Cary NC
Brown Christine 36 female Holly Springs NC
C. Mark 17 male Durham NC
C. Aaron 17 male Durham NC
Caminker Deborah 66 female Shreveort LA
Cardona Angela 45 female Cary NC
Carrigo Remington 30 male Zebulon NC
Carrigo Colton 28 male Mabelvale AR
Caveney Brian 48 male Durham NC
Caveney Erica 49 female Durham NC
Chilton Karen 46 female Raleigh NC
Chilton Dan 46 male Raleigh NC
Christian Megan 28 female Cary NC
Cook Caitlin 35 female Cary NC
Crawford Courtney 40 female Durham NC
Crawford Joshua 38 male Durham NC
Crawley Marshall 29 male Morrisville NC
Dayoan Bob 86 male Oxford NC
Divakaran Darshan 35 male Raleigh NC
Drew Jim 73 male Holly Springs NC
Dumaresq Brian 49 male Raleigh NC
Dumaresq Jennifer 49 female Raleigh NC
E. Marco 16 male CARY NC
Eckert Wayne 69 male Chapel Hill NC
F. Charith 16 male Chapel Hill NC
F. Talan 11 male Clayton NC
Fallon Anastasia 32 female Fuquay Varina NC
Fallon James 35 male Fuquay-Varina NC
Fatheree Sean 26 male Chapel Hill NC
Fentner Aimee 36 female Raleigh NC
Fillard Chris 52 male Fuquay Varina NC
Fisher Tracey 42 female Clayton NC
Fisher Jeff 44 male Clayton NC
Flannery Brian 37 male Cary NC
Frenette Gilles 44 male Nepean
G. Emma 12 female Spencerport NY
G. Shay 3 female Apex NC
G. Natalie 15 female Spencerport NY
G. Miles 14 male Spencerport NY
Garza Jonathan 42 male Raleigh NC
Gaviria Linda 66 female Cary NC
Glass Brian 41 male Spencerport NY
Glass Bernice 70 female Spencerport NY
Glass Jordan 34 male Raleigh NC
Goguen Claudia 38 female Wake Forest NC
Graham Mark 67 male Cary NC
Gross Arden 28 female Holly Springs NC
Guerra John 26 male Cary NC
Gunning Tim 65 male Raleigh NC
Gutierrez Angela 39 female Clayton NC
Gutierrez Elbin 41 male Clayton NC
H. Ben 14 male Chapel Hill NC
Hall Frank 55 male Pittsboro NC
Hatch Susan 74 female Raleigh NC
Hazel Kelly 36 female Raleigh NC
Henderson Linda 71 female Coats NC
Henderson Craig 63 male Coats NC
Hill Ashley 29 female Cary NC
Hogan Tim 54 male Raleigh NC
Irons Costen 41 male Chapel Hill NC
Johnson Travis 36 male Cary NC
Kedzierski Brian 30 male Raleigh NC
Kennaday Thomas 54 male Aiken SC
Klementowska Pamela 25 female Fuquay Varina NC
Kochel Corrie 43 female Coats NC
LaGarde Erica 35 female Raleigh NC
Latta Barbara 80 female Raleigh NC
Leary Natalie 37 female Raleigh NC
M. Lucy 5 female Raleigh NC
Mack Carrie 36 female Raleigh NC
Mack Bobby 36 male 27612 NC
Maier Andrew 44 male Cary NC
Mapes Marc 51 male Apex NC
Marchione Matt 48 male Raleigh NC
Marchione Jennifer 44 female Raleigh NC
Martin Samantha 31 female Fort Mill SC
Mayo Donna 50 female Aiken SC
Mikulsky Audrey Elena 36 female Apex NC
Newkirk Emily 74 female Raleigh NC
Omori Danielle 35 female Cary NC
Orange Amy 50 female Hillsborough NC
P. Sanjeev 16 male Durham NC
Parkhurst Sue 51 female Fairport NY
Patel Amit 37 male Cary NC
Pattis Debbi 28 female Holly Springs NC
Pencook Valerie 28 female Cary NC
Pencook Nate 29 male Cary NC
Plastina Frank 58 male Cary NC
Porr Doug 33 male BEAUFORT SC
Procopio Kyle 22 male Cary NC
Procopio Rosann 56 female Cary NC
Procopio Mike 56 male Cary NC
Putnam-Hornstein Emily 44 female Chapel Hill NC
R. Arry 11 female Raleigh NC
R. Bobby 15 male Cary NC
R. Lily 16 female Apex NC
Roberts Ashley 26 female Holly Springs NC
Rohrman Jessica 34 female Raleigh NC
Rose Kelly 39 female Apex NC
Rossilli Emma 18 female Cary NC
Rossilli Bob 51 male Cary NC
Rossilli Liz 50 female Cary NC
S. Elizabeth 14 female Louisburg NC
S. Nina 14 female Apex NC
S. Kieran 7 male Apex NC
S. Mila 11 female Apex NC
S. Chase 10 male Pittsboro NC
S. Isabel 8 female Pittsboro NC
Sargent Julia 38 female Pittsboro NC
Sargent Jarrod 42 male Pittsboro NC
Sawaya Heloisa 55 female Cary NC
Sawaya Heloisa 55 female Cary NC
Scott Mary 55 female Wilson NC
Shannon Alexis 38 female Richmond VA
Sharkady Stephen 48 male Apex NC
Sheryak Joe 25 male Morrisville NC
Sill Tim 41 male Louisburg NC
Silver Jay 65 male Raleigh NC
Slupianek Larry 74 male Cary NC
Snyder Christen 57 female Dauphin PA
Spears Joseph 30 male Benson NC
Squier Bill 79 male Raleigh NC
Sutton Rochelle 53 female Hillsborough NC
T. Seth 16 male Zebulon NC
Talbert Joe 23 male Morrisville NC
Thomas Trevor 29 male Queens NY
Trull Kara 46 female Zebulon NC
Turner Melissa 48 female Wake Forest NC
Vance Jessica 32 female Cary NC
Verderber Alice 26 female Queens NY
Villa Jaxson 18 male Chape Hill NC
Wall Kathleen 67 female Raleigh NC
Wall Doug 71 male Raleigh NC
Wedig Yale 45 male Holly Springs NC
Whitten James 35 male Cary NC
Wiedman Susan 62 female Sanford NC
Wilson Leigh 66 female Raleigh NC
Wright Susan 62 female Harrisburg PA
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