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REGISTRATION:  Friday, June 30th at 6 pm
TEAM ROSTER:  Wednesday, July 5th at 6 pm

Deadlines will not be extended and no late entries. After the deadline is done the sign-up will be frozenAs players register on RaceReach, they will automatically be added to your roster when they enter your TEAM CODE. 

$325 per team



Tristan Burrow   785-250-0131   tristan.burrow80@gmail.com


Please read this section carefully regarding our policy and procedure for completing your team rosters and waivers online through RaceReach.  Your roster will be formed as your players register on RaceReach. As a captain, when you register you will be requested to pay all team fees and then will be given a TEAM CODE that will be specifically designed for your team.  You will forward this TEAM CODE to all players for them to use when they register.  As all players register, sign waivers, and use your TEAM CODE, the players will automatically be put on your roster, creating your Team Roster.  Rosters will be frozen on Wednesday, July 5th at 6 pm.   By registering for this event, all teams agree to follow the Roster & Waiver submission policies and procedures. Roster limit of 12. The minimum is 5.


Coaches of ALL Adult basketball teams MUST CHECK-IN AT LEAST ONE HOUR PRIOR TO THE START OF THEIR FIRST GAME at Petro Hall Room 220, Washburn University. Click here to view the location on maps and request directions. Check-in will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday, July 8. Failure to check in will result in a forfeit of your first game and each subsequent game until your team has checked in.


Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated! The Basketball Commissioner, Director of Officials, Venue Supervisor, and Director of the Games reserve the right to disqualify, eject, or assess a technical foul on any player, team, coach, or spectator for a game or the tournament. Two sportsmanship-related technical fouls on a player or coach in a game will result in the disqualification of that player/coach for the remainder of the game (does not include technical fouls associated with score-book errors). Fighting or verbal threats will result in the offending person being disqualified from the tournament. If inappropriate behavior is observed prior to the start of a game, or after a game has completed, a sportsmanship-related technical foul will be assessed to the offending team at the beginning of their next scheduled game.


- Divisions include Men's 19+ and Women's 19+

  • This tournament is open to non-Kansas teams, barring that their state does not hold a tournament of its own.  Proof of residency is required by all teams. If a team is found with more than three out-of-state players on its roster, the team will forfeit the remainder of the tournament with no refund.

    • KANSAS teams - may have up to three out-of-state players may be on the roster.

    • NON-KANSAS teams- 1) Teams from out of state, please contact the SSG office, at 785-235-2295 to determine eligibility to compete. 2)  you can only have three out-of-state players on your roster.

- Players may only be on one roster. If a player is found to be playing on multiple teams, the offending team that is allowing the player to compete on their squad illegally will be disqualified from the tournament. ALL PLAYERS must have identification with them at all times.

- It will be the coach's responsibility to obtain game times for bracket play on Sunday upon the conclusion of pool play on Saturday. Elimination brackets will be posted on this web page when pool play is completed. 

Click here for complete rules and regulations

- Gold and Silver medals will be awarded to the top two teams.

- Tiebreakers: 1) Head To Head. 2) Total Point Differential (max +/- 13) 3) Coin Flip

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