St Paul's Lutheran Church Presents Abundance Sauna

St Paul's Lutheran Church Presents Abundance Sauna


Authentic Finnish Sauna



Sat, July 22, 2023 @ 10:00 am


1123 Washington St
Lanesville, MA 01930

St Paul's Lutheran Church Presents:
A Traditional Wood Fired Sauna Experience

The Finns have a saying: “Saunassa ollaan kuin kirkossa.” It translates, “One should behave in the sauna as you would in the church.”  Here is an opportunity to test this idiom

Abundance Sauna will be at St Paul's in Lanesville, supporting their summer craft fair Saturday July 22, 2023.

There are many sessions available, starting as early as 10:00am. Sessions are 
one hour the cost is $65 regardless of the number of people in your party. The sauna comfortably accommodates 3 people at onceA session is 50 minutes of heat and 10 minutes for turn over. You are welcome to book available consecutive sessions for a longer sauna experience. 

Daring souls are invited to experience the thrill of thermal extremes with a dip in the cold plunge tank.
Afterwards sit and relax, share stories of your sauna adventure while enjoying tasty snacks and beverages
Each participant must provide their own towels, swimsuits and hydration.

Preregistration is required. An welcome/orientation packet will be sent and a liability waiver must be signed by each participant.  
If you have specific questions about this event

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