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Team Isaac

On behalf of Carol Jacobson

About Team Isaac

Team Isaac Team Isaac was established in 2022 in honor of Isaac Jacobson who lost his life to suicide on March 11, 2022.

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Together in 2022, Team Isaac walkers & donors raised 11,070.00 for Walk for Hope to fund research in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Department of Psychiatry.

Team Isaac will continue on with the WALK FOR HOPE 2023. We are seeking donors and team members to walk and help raise $ in support of mental health.

Together we are helping to erase stigmas, raise awareness, and joined together to empower research efforts that will one day end mental illness and the dreadful perils that often accompany it.

We are grateful for the support of our family and friends that enabled us to champion an effort in our son's memory. We are grateful for your support.

Why am I fundraising?

Team Isaac Team Isaac will be participating in WALK FOR HOPE 2023 for our 2nd year. We are seeking donors and team members to walk and help raise $ in support of mental health.

We lost our 26 yo son, Isaac to suicide on March 11, 2022. He died in Portland Oregon. We know he suffered from advanced alcoholism & untreated depression. Isaac had periods that he sought out treatment and would rally in mood and drink less. However, he would relapse and recently told a friend that there was nothing a counselor could tell him that he didn't already know. By the time he ended his life, Isaac had cut off communication & isolated himself from all of his family 5 years ago & more recently from a close friend of 10 years.

Isaac was a very intelligent, private, high-functioning alcoholic and able to hide his depression and alcoholism from many. Even people who felt they knew him well and knew he struggled, didn't know the extent of his illness. His work was flawless and he was admired by those who worked with him.

After his death, we were told that he had talked of suicide, had a means & a plan, but no one who knew about thought he would do it. Or maybe they just didn’t know what to do.

Depression is the silent killer. Join us in raising awareness and in the hope that one day, we will find a cure so that everyone who needs help, can get it. Whether you donate, or join our team, we welcome you to take steps in a forward direction and change the conversations about this terrible disease that affects so many.

This team is for everyone. Everyone I know has suffered with mental illness, addiction, loneliness or knows someone who has. Some, like us, have lost someone we love to suicide.

We invite you to join our team.

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