Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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First Name 
Max. Records  
Last Name   First Name   Age   Gender   City   State  
Adams Brian 45 male Cary NC
Alarcon Ana 49 female Raleigh NC
Alcocer Livy 35 female Raleigh NC
Allen Charles 51 male Morrisville NC
Allen Wilma 86 female Raleigh NC
Alphin Terri 49 female Goldsboro NC
Anderson Whitney 33 female Knightdale NC
Antoine Tom 48 male Clayton NC
Arambula Ana 25 female Raleigh NC
Arthur Mary 34 female Cary NC
Asay Marilyn 81 female Cary NC
Atkinson Maxine 74 female Cary NC
Atti-Uptegrow Christina 42 female Fuquay Varina NC
Barbari Gary 63 male Raleigh NC
Barker Sarah 44 female High Point NC
Barker Joey 45 male High Point NC
Bass Jane 79 female Cary NC
Baucom Mary Lee 82 female Cary NC
Baucom Jim 83 male Cary NC
Baylor Michael 73 male Cary NC
Bennett Jenni 32 female Goldsboro NC
bensom evan 25 male Raleigh NC
Benson Florence 91 female Cary NC
Benson Amy 55 female Raleigh NC
Betivas Angela 43 female Cary NC
Betivas Tony 35 male Cary NC
Black Mary 90 female Cary NC
Blackwell Amy 78 female Raleigh NC
Bliss Ryan 41 male Morrisville NC
Bliss Cassie 40 female Morrisville NC
Boezeman Nola 55 female holly springs NC
Boezeman John 54 male Holly Springs NC
Booth John 80 male Cary NC
Booth Rosie 77 female Cary NC
Brown Leronia 39 female Apex NC
Buchanan Sara 86 female Cary NC
Burdette Jennifer 44 female fuquay NC
Campbell Peggy 79 female Cary NC
Campbell Wayne 84 male Raleigh NC
Cassimatis Alice 80 female Cary NC
Chamberlain John 84 male Cary NC
Chamberlain John 84 male Cary NC
Chen Dayang 71 female Raleigh NC
Clark Julia 50 female Cary NC
Clayton Ed 80 male Cary NC
Corbin Catherine 71 female Cary NC
Corbin John 75 male Cary NC
Cox Bill 83 male Cary NC
Cox Jeanell 46 female Durham NC
Cox Jeanne 75 female Cary NC
Croutharmel Lynette 60 female apex NC
Cuomo Stephanie 59 female raleigh NC
D. Grayson 16 male Holly Springs NC
Darby Diana 76 female Holly Springs NC
Davis Virginia 81 female Cary NC
Davis Mike 83 male Cary NC
Davis Lee 64 male Cary NC
DiPaolo Jenny 42 female Durham NC
DiPaolo Rick 45 male Durham NC
Dubin Carleen 79 female Cary NC
efird ruth 74 female Cary NC
Elmore Ann 64 female Cary NC
Faulhaber Allison 32 female Durham NC
Faulhaber Tania 59 female Apex NC
Fowler Sean 26 male Cary NC
Gaviri Linda 67 female Cary NE
Gellatly Jim 59 male Raleigh NC
Godwin Elizabeth 65 female Hillsborough NC
Gower Jennifer 54 female Cary NC
Grace Jim 62 male Cary NC
Gregg Kelly 57 female Cary NC
Gregg Catherine 26 female Cary NC
Gregg Paul 57 male Cary NC
Gwinn Mike 61 male Raleigh NC
H. Cara 9 female Cary NC
H. Holly 13 female Cary NC
H. Zoe 9 female Apex NC
Hancox Eileen 83 female Raleigh NC
Harden Neill 69 male Cary NC
Hardin Michelle 62 female Apex NC
Harrison Jacquelyn 55 female Apex NC
Haste Phil 57 male roseboro NC
Hatch Susan 75 female Raleigh NC
Hatcher Diane 59 female Cary NC
Hensley Anne 48 female Apex NC
Herold Doreen 62 female Cary NC
Howell Ron 65 male Cary NC
Hughes Jill 44 female Cary NC
Hughes Eddie 49 male Cary NC
Hupf Marge 78 female Cary NC
Hutchins Stan 72 male Cary NC
Jablonski Sue 61 female Cary NC
Jenny Richard 63 male Cary NC
Jones Sally 81 female Cary NC
K. Addison 16 female Holly Springs NC
Kessler Warren 61 male Gibsonville NC
Kiel Judy 62 female Raleigh NC
Kiel Paul 55 male Raleigh NC
Killian Martin 44 male Cary NC
King Victoria 27 female Cary NC
Kistler Glenn 63 male Selma NC
Kistler Nancy 64 female Selma NC
klein heather 46 female holly springs NC
Koffenberger Linda 73 female Holly Springs NC
Kyle Sean 18 male Holly Springs NC
Kyle Steven 46 male Holly Springs NC
Lang Daniel 62 male Cary NC
LaPorta Denise 52 female Cary NC
Latta Barbara 81 female Raleigh NC
Lawson West 62 male Raleigh NC
Letchworth Suzanne 76 female Cary NC
Loughlin Howard 78 male Cary NC
Lowe Cory 50 male Holly Springs NC
Lowe Laura 49 female Holly Springs NC
Lowrance Tracy 52 female Apex NC
mackay kevin 48 male cary NC
MacPherson Beth 47 female Cary NC
Marley Barbara 62 female Cary NC
Marvin Marcia 83 female Cary NC
McClellan John 74 male Raleigh NC
McClellan Irene 78 female Raleigh NC
McCutchen Tom 85 male Cary NC
mcgettrick john 78 male cary NC
mcgettrick janet 78 female cary NC
Mendy Marian 20 female Cary NC
Moylan Debra 58 female Raleigh NC
Murphy Ginger 49 female Pink Hill NC
Newby Charlotte 76 female Raleigh NC
Noifeld Niccole 42 female Fuquay Varina NC
O'Brien Pat 67 male Raleigh NC
O'Shea Michele 33 female DURHAM NC
Overly Doug 61 male Fayetteville NC
Overly Trish 60 female Fayetteville NC
Pacas Cristian 27 male Cary NC
Pappas Debbie 69 female Raleigh NC
Parli Rose 81 female Raleigh NC
Parsons Benjamin 29 male Raleigh NC
Peek Tyler 56 male Morrisville NC
Perkinson Tyler 38 male Fuquay Varina NC
Phillips Logan 25 male Holly Springs NC
Price Val 76 male Raleigh NC
Purdy Joanne 78 female Holly Springs NC
Quaintance William 56 male Apex NC
Quaintance Karen 56 female Apex NC
R. Maryn 6 female Coats NC
Rackley Marcy 54 female Cary NC
Ramirez Rey 77 male Durham NC
Ravn Brian 60 male Raleigh NC
reaugh peggy 74 female raleigh NC
reaugh duane 74 male raleigh NC
Rice Carolyn 51 female Coats NC
Rice Marc 53 male Coats NC
Roach Suzette 60 female Cary NC
Roach-Howell Carson 27 male Cary NC
Robinson Kurt 74 male Raleigh NC
Robinson Kathryn 71 female Raleigh NC
Rodda Matthew 55 male Winston Salem NC
Roney Joe 58 male Hillsborough NC
Roposh John 80 male Cary NC
Roposh Cathy 80 female Cary NC
S. Isaac 15 male Wake Forest NC
S. Ollie 6 male Holly springs NC
S. Henry 10 male Holly springs NC
Salisbury Kymberle 60 female Cary NC
Salisbury Al 66 male Cary NC
Sampson Sheri 46 female Cary NC
Schneider Karen 55 female Rolesville NC
Schneider alan 18 male Rolesville NC
Setliff Ally 37 female Cary NC
Shaffer Nancy 68 female Cary NC
Sherwin Craig 49 male Wake Forest NC
Sherwin Ann 80 female Cary NC
signore robert 54 male Cary NC
signore nancy 55 female Cary NC
Sihra Tripta 71 female Cary NC
Sihra Manmohan 78 male Cary NC
Slatta Rich 74 male Cary NC
Slupianek Larry 75 male Cary NC
Smith Kristy 43 female Holly springs NC
Smith Ashlyn Smith 26 female Mebane NC
Smith Miranda 25 female Raleigh NC
Smith Jason 45 male Holly springs NC
Smith Layton 28 male Mebane NC
Soberanis Patricia 38 female Clayton NC
Stubenrauch Edward 86 male Cary NC
T. Ella Brooks 16 female Durham NC
Thompson Don 75 male Raleigh NC
Thompson Jennette 57 female Morrisville NC
Thompson Matthew 49 male Raleigh NC
Thompson Betsy 72 female Raleigh NC
Thompson Candice 34 female Beulaville NC
Thompson Betsy 72 female Raleigh NC
Thorne Maurice 92 male Cary NC
Totten Kim 42 female Fuquay Varina NC
Tripp Mary 40 female Pink Hill NC
Tuttle Chris 45 male Durham NC
Tuttle Carrie 47 female Durham NC
Vaccaro Mallory 49 female Cary NC
VerPlank Anne 51 female Garner NC
Villalta Martha 33 female Durham NC
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