2023 Course

The Greenway Challenge will be a "Up River" course and is Brand New This Year!

Start line: West Hill Dam, Uxbridge, MA
Segment 1: Trail Run - West Hill Dam, Uxbridge, MA - 4.5 miles  https://strava.app.link/O9kLCAky3Cb {Please note this link is titled a mountain bike route but it is the trail run}
Segment 2: Street Bike - From West Hill Dam, Uxbridge, MA to Marion's Camp, Sutton, MA - 11.5 miles https://www.strava.com/routes/3137192787097539802
Segment 3: Paddle - Lake Singletary @ Marion's Camp, Sutton, MA - 2.5 miles 
Segment 4: Street Run - Marion's Camp, Sutton, MA loop down Boston Road and back- 3 miles https://www.strava.com/routes/3137523433306854408
Segment 5: Street Bike - Marion's Camp, Sutton, MA to Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge, MA - 11 miles 
Segment 6: Paddle - Rice City Pond Loop To & From Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge, MA - 2 miles
Segment 7: Mountain Bike Course - Goat Hill, Uxbridge, MA - 5 miles 
Segment 8: Street Run - Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge, MA to Whitin Park @ Whitin Community Center, Whitinsville, MA - 4 miles 

Finish line: Whitin Community Center (WCC), 60 Main St, Whitinsville, MA 01588 to celebrate our 100th Anniversary, of course!

Current 2023 Course Maps and Cue Sheets
Note: This is approximately 43 miles. Course and mileage subject to change.
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