Deferral FAQ

We know you will have questions about the deferral process.  This page will be updated on an on-going basis to answer the most common questions.

Q1:  Where do I get my discount code to register for free?
A:  Throughout May, 2020, we sent numerous emails with your unique code to all registered 2020 runners and to anyone who had deferred to 2021 prior to our race cancellation.  If you haven't seen that email, check your spam filters.  If you don't find it there, please fill out this form: .

Q2:  What races may I register for using my deferral?
A:  You may register for a single race enty for either the Tobacco Road Mararthon or Half Marathon to be held on Sunday, March 21, 2021, or the same events to be held on Sunday, March 20, 2022.  We are not associated with any other race, so the Tobacco Road events are your only choices.  Additionally, we are not allowing deferrals to 2023 or beyond.

Q3:  I cannot (or don't want to) run in 2021 or 2022.  What other options do I have?
A:  You may transfer your deferral simply by forwarding your deferral link to anyone else who can then use it with the same options that you have.  For a limited time, you may also request a $35 refund and not register to run or transfer your deferral.  Lastly, you can indicate that you will not be running and want the savings to be donated to charity.

Q4:  What if I don't see a $35 refund option?
A:  The $35 refund was offerred for a limited time only.  We sent numerous emails using various tools and made posts on social media.  If the option doesn't show, it is no longer available.

Q5:  What's this statement about the $35 refund option possibly being limited or reduced?
A:  In special cases, you may have registered for Tobacco Road 2020 for less than $35.  For instance, if your registration was paid for by your employer, you deferred from a prior year, you won a free entry as part of a run club raffle, you were rewarded with a free entry by specific volunteer activities, or any other situation where you did not pay money directly to the Tobacco Road Marathon organization through our registration website between March, 2019, and March, 2020, then you would not be eligible for a $35 refund.  If you request this, your refund is limited to what you paid.  If you request it and you paid $0, we will contact you to allow you to select other options.

Q6:  How long will it take to get a refund?
A:  We intend to process these in bulk and may delay processing until the end of the option selection in May, so it will be June before we process refunds to your credit card.

Q7:  What if I no longer am using the credit card I used to purchase the 2020 race entry?  How will I get the $35 refund?
A:  Please pick a different deferral option.  We do not have efficient ways to provide a refund in alternative ways.

Q8:  I ran a virtual Tobacco Road Marathon / Half Marathon and/or picked up a medal and t-shirt.  Am I still eligible for these deferral options?
A:  Absolutely!  Unlike many other races, we are allowing you to experience all that we could do for you given restrictions for 2020 (a virtual race and race swag) AND give you options to experience a future year event.  How great is that?!

Q9a:  I ordered my race medal and t-shirt from Inside-Out Sports, but I haven't received it yet.  When can I expect it?
A:  As of May 26, we have shipped all orders.  We took orders through April 30, 2020, for medals and t-shirts to be shipped and received far more orders than we originally expected.  It also turns out the that US Post Office significantly limits the number of packages any one customer can send at a time.  Normally, we might recruit a team of volunteers to do something like this for us, but we could not do so with Social Distancing measures in place.  (We don't know what you have experienced with other orders, but even Amazon has been cancelling orders for no apparent reason.)  We don't like the delay either!  We want you out running (with social distancing) wearing your Tobacco Road t-shirt!

If you want to report missing, damaged, or wrong swag, please fill out the form at .

Q9b.  What if I didn't order it (or pick it up for the limited time you had picked up before)?  Can I still get my swag?
A:  For those of you who missed the opportunity to order your t-shirt and/or medal on-line, we will be scheduling pick-up events--potentially drive-up--after North Carolina gets to phase 3.  That will likley be in July.  Watch for announcements on social media and via e-mail.

Q10:  If I defer to 2022, why am I seeing 2021 dates associated wtih my 2022 registration?
A:  Because we do not have our 2022 registration system up yet, your deferral to 2022 will appear, for the next few months, as an entry into the 2021 race but will show with the category "2022 Marathon" or "2022 Half Marathon."  We will transfer these to our 2022 registration system at some point in the future without you having to take any further action.

Q11.  I had a parking pass for 2020.  Will it defer?  What do I have to do?
A:  We are deferring parking passes purchased for 2020...whether you purchased it as part of a race registration or as a "Parking Pass Only" purchase.  To check if you have a deferrred parking pass, look on .

Note:  You won't see your parking pass on your purchase record for 2021.  However, parking passes will defer to the year you defer your race registration to.  If you transfer your registration to someone else, the parking pass will follow the registration.

If you do not register for 2021 or 2022, the parking pass will be considered "donated."  For individuals who had purchased a parking pass separately from race registration, it will automatically be considered to be a parking pass for 2021 only.  In that case, no transfer or deferral to 2022 is available.

We do not expect to have any additional parking passes avaliable for 2021.  If we do, registered runners will be notified via email.
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