Both routes are the same for the first 39 miles.  In Wilsonville, at the intersection of Beaver Creek Road and US64, riders decide whether to continue straight onto Farrington for the completion of the 55-mile route or turn left on 64 to loop around Jordan Lake for the 85-mile route.

Route Links: GPX Files: Convenience Stop Options along the Route
  • Mile 8, BP on corner of Apex Peakway and Center Street (right)
  • Mile 8.5, Circle K on corner of James and Williams St (right)
  • Mile 26, Gas station at intersection of Old US1 and US1 (right)
  • Mile 39, Gas station at intersection of Hwy64 and Farrington Road (both sides of Hwy 64)
85-Mile Additional Options
  • Mile 50, BP at intersection of Lystra and Farrington Point Road (left)
  • Mile 64.25, Sheetz at intersection of Kit Creek Road and Hwy 55 (right)
  • Mile 68, Circle K before intersection of Davis Dr and McCrimmon Pkwy (right)
  • Mile 78.5, Gas station at intersection of Old Jenks and Davis Dr (left)
  • Mile 80.5, Gas station at intersection of Old Apex Road and Cary Parkway (left)
  • Mile 81.5, Valero at the intersection of West Chatham and Old Apex (left)
55-Mile Additional Options
  • Mile 48.5, Thomas Brooks Park at Green Level Church Road and Green Level School Road (Water and bathrooms only)

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