The Raven Rock Ramble offers five routes of differing distances. All routes start and finish at Harris Lake County Park (see Location). Each route has rest ("sag") stops. The location of the sag stops are noted on the map and the cue sheet, and in the Mobile App. The location of stores are also noted on the map.

Maps, cue sheets, and TCX downloads

Routes: Ride With GPS Event Page

Instructions: On the Ride With GPS website, select the desired route, then select "Go to route" to get the route file as shown in the example below:


Mobile App download

Raven Rock Ramble Mobile App


  • We have 3 primary route distances:
    • 100 mile white arrows
    • 62 mile yellow arrows
    • 31 mile blue arrows
  • We have 2 shortcut routes:
    • The 100 mile white arrows can be shortened to 85 miles by following the green shortcut arrows
    • The 62 mile yellow arrows can be shortened to 43 miles by following the green shortcut arrows
  • The routes are measured from the park entrance on New Hill - Holloman Road.

Route Markings

The routes are very well marked.  Each route is marked with a different color stenciled arrow (100 mile is white, 62 mile is yellow, and 31 mile is blue).  Each turn has three arrows:
  1. the "intersection ahead" sign
  2. just before the intersection
  3. a confirmation arrow just after the turn

The 85 and 43 mile routes are "shortcut" routes and are marked with green arrows, starting at the point where they diverge from the 100 and 62 mile routes, respectively. The shortcut routes rejoin the longer route at Sag Stop 5 - Moncure Fire Station.

If you see a circled "X" you have just missed a turn!
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