Minors are listed with first initial of Last Name.
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First Name 
Max. Records  
Last Name   First Name   Gender   City   State   Distance
Abdou Francis Raleigh NC 43 miles
Adair Jordan Chapel Hill NC 62 miles
Adkins Bruce Raleigh NC 31 miles
Adkins Robert Apex NC 62 miles
Akins Ryan Lillington NC 100 miles
Albertone Donna Fuquay Varina NC 31 miles
Aldag Laura Cary NC 62 miles
Allen Christopher Cary NC 62 miles
Alvarez Oscar Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Ambre Nelesh Cary NC 100 miles
Andrew Elizabeth Wilmington NC 86 miles
Andrews Donald Broadway NC 43 miles
Arcuri Ian Cary NC 100 miles
Armstrong Peyton Fuquay Varina NC 43 miles
Atalese Vincent Cary NC 43 miles
Atalese Lynda CAry NC 31 miles
Avrette Cindy Lillington NC 62 miles
Axline Cheryln DURHAM NC 43 miles
Bagley Chris Durham NC 86 miles
Bailey Kim Morrisville NC 100 miles
Bailey Robert Durham NC 62 miles
Baldasaro Joan Cary NC 43 miles
Ballasiotes Michelle Chapel Hill NC 31 miles
Banham Jeff Holly Springs NC 62 miles
Bari Anne Cary NC 62 miles
Barlow Paul Clayton NC 62 miles
Barry James Cary NC 100 miles
Barry Sherrill Cary NC 43 miles
Bashaw Stan Cary NC 100 miles
Bass Sandra Fuquay Varina NC 62 miles
Bass David Raleigh NC 62 miles
Bechtolt Randall Raleigh NC 43 miles
Belk Donald Cary NC 100 miles
Bennett Randall Cary NC 100 miles
Bissinger Brooke Cary NC 43 miles
Black Sherry Cary NC 62 miles
Black Gary Cary NC 100 miles
Black Paul Cary NC 100 miles
Blake Steven Cary NC 62 miles
Bland Beth Apex NC 62 miles
Bland Thomas Apex NC 62 miles
Block Bill Raleigh NC 62 miles
Boehm Bruce Chapel Hill NC 86 miles
Boggs Mark Raleigh NC 62 miles
Bonczkowski Josh Apex NC 86 miles
Bonneau Kara Cary NC 86 miles
Bonner Paul Holly Springs NC 100 miles
Boone Daniel Cary NC 43 miles
Boone Rebecca Cary NC 43 miles
Bostwick Rich Cary NC 100 miles
Bourg Jim Durham NC 100 miles
Bowers Kenneth Raleigh NC 62 miles
Brace Geoffrey Columbus NC 62 miles
Braden Walsh Durham NC 86 miles
Bradford Rebecca Clayton NC 100 miles
Bradley Doug Cary NC 62 miles
Bradley Robin Cary NC 62 miles
Bredenberg Scott Pittsboro NC 100 miles
Bredenberg Mike Raleigh NC 100 miles
Breeden Darrell Clayton NC 100 miles
Brinkley Norbert Efland NC 62 miles
Brockett Conor Apex NC 62 miles
Brown James Vass NC 100 miles
Brueggeman Steven Raleigh NC 62 miles
Brunner Allan Cary NC 43 miles
Bucher Margit Durham NC 62 miles
Buck Lee Chapel Hill NC 62 miles
Buckner Ted Cary NC 62 miles
Bunnell Rick Apex NC 100 miles
Burgess Christopher Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Burgess Ava Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Butler Cristina Fuquay Varina NC 100 miles
Butler Gwen HICKORY NC 100 miles
Byassee Sam Chapel Hill NC 62 miles
Caffrey Gene Cary NC 100 miles
Camacho Jr Mariano Fayetteville NC 62 miles
Cambier John Durham NC 62 miles
Campbell John Raleigh NC 100 miles
Cantando Heather Raleigh NC 43 miles
Canterbury Jerry Cary NC 62 miles
Cantrell Henry Apex NC 62 miles
Cantrell Liliana Apex NC 62 miles
Cao Alex Raleigh NC 62 miles
Carpenter Michael Durham NC 62 miles
Carson David Durham NC 43 miles
Carter Mark Cary NC 62 miles
Carter Chris Holly Springs NC 62 miles
Cassara Natasha Cary NC 62 miles
Castrodale Debbie Durham NC 62 miles
Caswell Miya Four Oaks NC 62 miles
Caudle Gordon Durham NC 86 miles
Caulway John Wake Forest NC 100 miles
Chakravarti Gaurav Morrisville NC 100 miles
Chamberlain James Durham NC 62 miles
Charlino Tim Apex NC 100 miles
Chase Jonathan Apex NC 100 miles
Cherlinczuk-Ruiz Keith Raleigh NC 62 miles
Chisholm Cass Raleigh NC 62 miles
Christopher Christopher Fayetteville NC 62 miles
Chugh Parmod Apex NC 100 miles
Clark Lori Raleigh NC 31 miles
Claxton Mark Morrisville NC 100 miles
Cleaver Matt Raleigh NC 100 miles
Cline Joseph Cary NC 43 miles
Cohen Margaret Hillsborough NC 62 miles
Cole David APEX NC 62 miles
Collawn James Raleigh NC 62 miles
Colvin Scott Raleigh NC 100 miles
Corsano David Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Cote George Broadway NC 86 miles
Coyne Cash Apex NC 100 miles
Crandall Richard Chapel Hill NC 43 miles
Crane Christopher Cary NC 62 miles
Craven Carol Car NC 31 miles
Crawshaw Beth Apex NC 100 miles
Creasy Shane Fuquay Varina NC 100 miles
Creech Lynn Selma NC 43 miles
Cross Darren Cary NC 86 miles
Cross Tyler Raleigh NC 62 miles
Croteau Pam Clayton NC 62 miles
Czajkowski Matthew Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
D'Aprile Kelly Raleigh NC 62 miles
Dafforn Brent Apex NC 62 miles
Dalsimer Tom Pittsboro NC 62 miles
Dalton Jason Apex NC 62 miles
Danzey Thomas Apex NC 62 miles
Davidson Theresa Raleigh NC 43 miles
Davidson Mark Raleigh NC 43 miles
Davis David Apex NC 62 miles
Dayal Rana Apex NC 100 miles
Daymude Marc Cameron NC 43 miles
Dean Brad Raleigh NC 62 miles
Dembosky Dell Southern Pines NC 62 miles
Dembosky Mary Southern Pines NC 43 miles
Desselle Gary Cary NC 100 miles
Desser George West End NC 62 miles
Dickerson Christopher Fayetteville NC 100 miles
Dickson Hearon Annapolis MD 62 miles
Dobner Tom Raleigh NC 62 miles
Doorn Pete Cary NC 62 miles
Dorman Karen Chapel Hill NC 62 miles
Doyle Jennifer Fayetteville NC 43 miles
Draney Richard Durham NC 62 miles
Duke Joshua Raleigh NC 62 miles
Dumaw Kurt Cary NC 100 miles
Duncan Brian Raeford NC 100 miles
Dwyer Francis Wake Forest NC 62 miles
Ealey Lanny Durham NC 100 miles
Eason AnaRita Raleigh NC 43 miles
Edwards Ben Rolesville NC 100 miles
Edwards Brandon Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Egge Claudia Morrisville NC 43 miles
Ehlert Kurt Apex NC 100 miles
Elder Chris Raleigh NC 62 miles
Ellington Chris Lumberton NC 100 miles
Elliott Candy Wake Forest NC 43 miles
Elliott Christopher Cary NC 62 miles
Elvin CruzRivera Sanford NC 62 miles
Erdman Jennifer Cary NC 43 miles
Escobar Carlos Raleigh NC 62 miles
Estes Paul Pinehurst NC 43 miles
Estes Colleen Charlotte NC 43 miles
Farrell Ian Willow Spring NC 62 miles
Favro Jill Raleigh NC 86 miles
Finney Clive Raleigh NC 100 miles
Fleming John Raleigh NC 62 miles
Foil MaryBeth Holly Springs NC 62 miles
Fortunato Louis Apex NC 100 miles
Foster Richard Raleigh NC 62 miles
Fowler Matt Cary NC 62 miles
Fox Cubby Cary NC 100 miles
Fox John Cary NC 62 miles
Frierson Bob Raleigh NC 43 miles
Futrell Andrew Garner NC 62 miles
Galphin Shelley Raleigh NC 62 miles
Gance David Raleigh NC 100 miles
Garcha VJ Cary NC 100 miles
Garner Harold Hope Mills NC 100 miles
Garrity John Cary NC 62 miles
Garrity Lisa Cary NC 62 miles
Gartner Gary Durham NC 43 miles
Gasparetto Cristina Chapel Hill NC 86 miles
Gaylord Barbara Whispering Pines NC 100 miles
Geniesse Joel Holly Springs NC 62 miles
Gensor Kara Fuquay-Varina NC 62 miles
George Thomas Raleigh NC 86 miles
Gerber Calley Raleigh NC 100 miles
Gilbert Susie Durham NC 62 miles
Gilbert Craig Durham NC 62 miles
Gitzinger Matt Cary NC 86 miles
Glendenning Angela Raleigh NC 31 miles
Goblirsch John Fort Bragg NC 62 miles
Godsey Tim Chapel Hill NC 100 miles
Goldston David Chapel Hill NC 62 miles
Gonzalez Schneider Jose Garner NC 100 miles
Gonzalez Franklin Holly Springs NC 100 miles
Gonzalez Jose Fay NC 100 miles
Goodman Sharon Cary NC 100 miles
Goodpasture Meggan Winstin Salem NC 100 miles
Gordon Brett Cary NC 62 miles
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